Italy Trip: Day 6 – Gallo Matese

We arrived in Gallo Matese! Caterina picked us up at the train station in Venafro and drove us to her bed and breakfast. The drive up into the mountains was gorgeous.


She also had a platter of Italian cookies for us. (She speaks my love language.)


After bringing our bags inside she asked for our passports to register us. Then she got in her car and drove away. I asked the 2 men with me, “Is no one else concerned that she just left us here and took our passports with her?”

Thankfully, she came back but I couldn’t help feeling as if we were stranded for a time. Caterina spoke a little English so we didn’t know where we were, where she was going, where to find food or how to contact anyone as there was no service on our cell phone.

When Caterina returned with our passports she tried to ask us about breakfast the next morning and after struggling to understand we finally decided it was time to call Giovanni and Rosa. Rosa is interpreting for us and Giovanni was the mayor of Gallo for 21 years. Rosa keeps telling us he is “the bible of Gallo Matese” because he knows all there is to know.

We met Giovanni and Rosa on the road on the way to the only restaurant in town. After introductions we moved inside and had prosseco and a light snack. Then we took our first tour of Gallo at night. It was freezing. I didn’t have my hat or gloves with me because I had no idea what we’d be doing. Papa Mike is calling this the “spontaneous” part of our trip. Haha it is indeed!



After our tour we went back to the only restaurant in town for dinner. Of course there was a mix up in what we paid for and we ordered more than necessary. Aye. We thought we ordered meat for 3.50 euros and this is what arrived….


And this is only half because Josh and I split a meat. Clearly we thought we had a good deal. Until the bill arrived and we found out it was 15 euros. After already having a plate of pasta we clearly did not need the secondi (the second course). It was all a big mix up and we now have 2 steaks in our fridge. Lol a spontaneous trip!

We went back to our freezing room and tried to figure out which way to turn the dial on the radiator for heat. Towards the “A” or towards the “C”. We looked through the Italian handbook for hot and cold or on and off and it was quite the ordeal. It would have been wonderful to have internet on our phone to just be able to google it ?. We are living the adventure! So I layered up, jumped in bed, and snuggled close to Josh!

Welcome to Gallo Matese!


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