The Fear Pandemic

Coronavirus is quickly spreading a pandemic of fear. And fear is a struggle best dealt with spiritually. Breaking free from fear comes down to ONE simple thing.

Stop “managing” your anxiety and praying powerless prayers. You can find freedom today & pray powerful prayers that bring PEACE!

A Bible Verse for your Year

Instead of making resolutions that will be forgotten by February, try asking God to give you a verse for the year. I’m amazed every time I do this that once again God knows what’s coming (go figure ;). This shapes my entire year, and I’m sharing how in this video.

3 Keys to Being Friends with other Women

Girls don’t exactly have a reputation for getting along well, but we need each other. Friends make up the support system that is necessary for living life well. In this month’s video I’m focusing on 3 things you can do to build and keep friendships with other women.

Have your Weapon ready while you Work

The story in Nehemiah 4 made a huge impact on me when I read it. As the Israelites are rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem after years of captivity it says they worked with one hand and held their weapon with the other in case of attack. As we do the work God has called us to, we must be like the Israelites, ready to fight when the enemy attacks.