The wedding is fast approaching

I can’t believe I’m getting married. It’s starting to seem real, now that the time is getting closer. Omigosh. I only have 17 more nights of climbing into bed alone and sleeping by myself. That is so weird! For the rest of my life I will be joined to this man. I am so excited!!! Our life is going to be amazing! From the seemingly insignificant things to the huge important things, every part of our life together is going to be wonderful. Of course there will be difficulties. That goes without saying, but I am going to enjoy being married for all it’s worth.

Make the most out of your life! The choice is up to you!


God is love

There is a God that is so big, so great, so holy and so majestic that we could never comprehend it with our earthly minds. And he loves me. And he loves you, no matter who you are. Good samaritan or murderer. Black or white. Young or old. Muslim or Jew. Christian or not. Jesus loves you passionately with a love that is unfathomable. You could never do anything to make him stop loving you. How cool is that?! He will never stop loving me. Ever. But I have to choose to receive his love and to love him in return.

A New Year

It is coming.
The year I will graduate with my bachelors degree.
The year I will get married.
The year of endings and beginnings.
A year of growth and learning, as all the rest have been.

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Relationships bring Humility

Relationships. It’s how we grow.
Relationships are constantly about pushing down your own pride.
You must humble yourself to admit when you are wrong. And that’s not even the hardest part. The hard part is when you must humble yourself to accept an apology and offer forgiveness. In this case, you have to step down from the place where you believe you “deserve” something and humble yourself enough to cancel out the wrong that was done against you.
That’s tough stuff!


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Passionately Pursue

I’ve recently been looking at jobs online in churches or for ministries all over the country. In doing this I have come to realize just how much I desire to work in some sort of ministry. I look at the job descriptions and I get soo excited. This is what I want to do. I love the organizational part of the jobs and I love the developing/impacting people part of the job. If you can read a job description and get excited then that MAY be something your passionate about. And if your passionate about something, I believe you should pursue it with all your heart. I think I’m preaching to myself here…


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But alas…

I have been back in Tulsa for 3 months now and already I have directed a women’s conference, gotten engaged, and written the entire 22 page research section for my Senior Paper. My life is crazy. Crazy Awesome! Alas, this is the reason for my lack of blogging. But alas, I am blogging once more, inspired by one of my dear chaplains Grace. You should totally check out her blogs. They are so much more thought provoking then mine. But alas, to compare oneself to another is to degrade the uniqueness within humanity.


African Children’s Choir

The African Children’s Choir visited my church and I saw them perform live on Wednesday! This is so exciting to me because I first saw them on American Idol 2 years ago when I went to Zambia on a mission trip. When I got back to the states I missed African music so much that I bought their CD. 

I think I sat there with a huge smile on my face for the entire time they performed. I loved it. It brought me back to Africa, to the children we taught and played with, to the little girl Martha who wiggled her way into my heart. And as if seeing them perform wasn’t enough, 3 of the girls stayed in our home for 2 nights! It was wonderful. Once again I was Auntie Lisa. And once again I had to interpret their “Africanized” English. I got a little taste of a culture that is not my own and I loved it! 
I want to travel a lot of places, but I definitely want to visit more places in Africa, and if I’m going over there anyway, I think it should be with the purpose of helping. If you’re going to a place of poverty, disease, and hunger, then why not do something about it while you’re there?! It makes sense to me anyway.
Pictures to come…

Hello World!

I have officially entered the world of blogging! The idea came this morning when I thought, “Hm, having a blog might be fun… something creative to do with my time” My next thought was, “Wait, I don’t have time for a blog.”

In conversation with Josh this evening I mentioned my idea to him. He said, “Yeah, you should.”
And that was all it took! I say, “Why not?! Try something new, right?” 
So maybe I will have no readers and feel rejected. Or maybe my family and friends (who, unfortunately, I’m not so good at staying in contact with) will be able to “followlisa”